Standard campaigns

Your quantitative specifications:

  • The product at the center of the campaign
  • The campaign time line
  • The profile of influencers that you would like to work with
  • Networks that can be activated
  • Overall budget and budget per influencer


Bounce will propose an estimate with its complete system and the chosen schedule

  • Your creative brief/guidelines
  • Mandatory links
  • Keywords
  • Tone


You will receive a report on the campaign in real time after each broadcast as well as an overall campaign report is submitted



Exclusive custom operations


UPON receipt of your quantitative and qualitative brief, our creative team will propose original formats designed specifically for your requirements and criteria.

Video clips, short films, web series, streaming on set, etc.

Just ask, and we’ll suggest our ideas and those of our talent that stay true to your brand and the creator’s channel! We will offer these as turnkey operations, including production.

Please note, for this type of operation, the production, shooting and postproduction time must be taken into account, as well as the related budget.

We’ll send you a pitch of the idea and if you like it, you will receive a script and an estimate to approve and sign before starting to work on the project.