Our job

The agency

We make contact with brands by orienting ourselves towards common values and by allowing you to produce.

The Bounce influence agency was created in 2021 from a partnership between Elyse Phelip, an agent since 2017, and Link Digital Spirit, a multimedia content production agency with a strong reputation in the video game world.

Inspired by the business diversification approach used by media groups like Link Digital Spirit, Bounce will focus on generating two revenue streams for its influencers:

Brand investments (B2B)
Community purchases (B2C)

The Bounce agency was formed in March 2021, and has two locations in Montreuil and Bordeaux.
Bounce aims to become a leader in the video game sector and pop culture in general.

Bounce’s management

Elyse Phelip is an entrepreneur who truly listens to the talent she works with.

At just 26 years old, she is already a pioneer in the field!

Over her years of experience, she has worked with hundreds of designers and has developed strong relationships with them.

With her attentive eye and professional attitude, she has been the driving force behind many collaborations with fabulous talents like Benzaie, Bob Lennon, Conkerax, and Krayn.

The same is true of the brands she works with, with whom she has created a real relationship of trust.

Her creativity has inspired some very beautiful and exclusive operations.

Ours values


Human values are at the heart of our agency. Our business is built on relationships. We are committed to being available, sensitive, to listening… To being human, really, because that is what’s most important.


You will have access to Link Digital Spirit’s more than 8 years of expertise in creating unique events.


The agency has developed a large network of talents who are recognized for their creativity, dedication, and the strength of their community.


In the three-part agency-brand-designer relationship, transparency is key and information flows freely.